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Overall Rating: 4.68 Stars

- It's like a third hand. VERY HANDY!!

I'm a paraplegic and can't carry anything in both hands at once because I use a cane to walk and stand. these plate and beverage holders solve a problem I've had for years, having to get someone to help me carry my drink or plate at get togethers. now I can carry them both myself in one hand. they work great. they are also good when you have a lot of people with limited table space at holidays or parties. now you don't leave your cup sitting around and get it mixed up with other people's.

By boliver on March 03, 2015

- Five Stars


By kevin on January 01, 2015

- plate holder


By Savvy Shopper on November 11, 2014

- These are great for parties

These are great for parties!! we had one recently and received compliments from everyone. they're a little too big for kids, but great for young adults and adults!

By HR on October 10, 2014

- Great conversation starter.

This is a great party conversation starter. Everyone asked me how to use it, and once they saw it they want it. It's kinda expensive, and you can't buy for everyone in the party.

By Daniel H. Nguyen on October 10, 2014