Return Policy

All Plate Caddy sales through this website are FINAL unless the product received is defective and then that product will be exchanged within 30 days of the date received.

Due to the nature of the product we have found that some people will order product, use it for their event and then desire to return it for refund.  Considering this we have had to implement a NO RETURN policy.  Our Plate Caddy is sold at a very reasonable price and is quality made in the U.S.A.  If we allowed "buyer remorse returns" or "use and return returns" we would either have to dramatically increase our prices to everyone, make a lesser expensive and thus less quality product, or go out of business.  We are not willing to do any of these.  We do, of course, stand behind the product for any possible defects for which we offer an exchange within 30 days of receipt.  However, to ensure quality, we carefully inspect each and every part immediately before they are carefully packaged and shipped to the customer.

Please consider the statements above before making your purchase.

Thank you.