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Overall Rating: 4.68 Stars

- Very handy for informal party

We like them. Only a certain size of plate (9" I believe) will fit properly, so we were not able to use up those random disposable plates that were back on the shelf. Overall though, they are nice to have.

By billr on May 05, 2014

- Attention!

I'm not sure if I got the same product that is being offered by As Seen On TV. My product seller was TreasureBookCafe in order to take advantage of Amazon Prime. The plates are awesome and exactly what I wanted; however, what is said to be a 12 pack here on the website turned out to be an 8 pack when I opened it. It even states on the box that it's supposed to be an 8 pack. So unless A.S.O.T.V. is selling a different product than the one which I have received I would expect only 8 sets of these awesome plate holders :)

By Joseph M. Nichols on April 04, 2014

- Ice breaker

These are great for making it easy to entertain a lot of people in a cramped area. They actually were an ice breaker. People could not get over how cool and smart they are.

By Lisa M on March 03, 2014

- Plate Caddy - Holder for Plate, Beverage and Utensils

I just received them in the mail. I put plates in them just to see how it accommodated them. I would recommend them to anyone using a paper plate. They are better looking than the image. They came in 2 packets with handles and if you don't rip the box you can stack 6 in each box for storing. The holders are made from plastic that is neither brittle or flexible and would probably be a little better if it was one or the other of the two. However, if you don't use them as Frisbees and use them for what they are intended (holder of paper plates) they should last a long time.

By BLawler on February 02, 2014

- Awesome

These things are really awesome. They do EXACTLY what they advertise. If you throw parties a lot, you definitely need to get these.

By Billdozer on October 10, 2013